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4D HIFU Medi-Lift
Clinically proven non-invasive skin tightening and lifting treatment for the face and body with superior results from just one treatment.

Price for 1 sesson

Eye & Forehead          £250  with special hand piece

Full Face & Neck        £850

Face                            £500 

Neck & Double Chin   £400

Body start Price          £500

  Face lift, 4D HIFU MediLift Machine

(High focus Ultra Sound Therapy) 


 HIFU MediLIFT delivers High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) energy that bypasses the epidermis to precisely target the underlying structural tissues of the deep dermis and the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS). Here, focal point temperatures of 60-65°C stimulate the production of new viscoelastic collagen and elastin, which thickens the connective tissue layers, tightening the skin to lift and rejuvenate its appearance.

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Uniform treatment lines from the HIFU MediLIFT multiline cartridges facilitate a fast, even, professional result.


Traditional single line cartridges require longer treatment times and increase the likelihood of sporadic treatment lines.

Special extra hand pic for around eye, lip and forded for more comfortable and effective result

The 4D HIFU machine is the most technologically advanced non-invasive face lift, rejuvenation, and wrinkle remover through its penetration and focus ability.

The focused ultrasound of HIFU can reach from 1.5mm up to 3 layer plus a new small single shot cartridge for around eye, forehead and around lip for face and from 1.6 to 13.0mm for body  achieve an amazing result . Tissue temperature can reach up to 65℃ - 70℃ for just a second! This stimulates collagen growth without harming other tissues.


The 4D HIFU facial treatment repairs the first signs of ageing, such as sagging skin and drooping jaw. With our latest HIFU non-surgical face lift at Angeli Medispa, our team of expert therapists will help you to achieve a fresh and younger more radiant appearance, HIFU is a medically proven technique. HIFU stands for High Intensity Focus Ultrasound. The treatment uses ultrasound therapy which targets the deep skin layers, to lift the face, eyes, and neck. This uplifts and tightens the skin to achieve a younger looking face


How HIFU face and body treatment works?

HIFU focuses on the deep foundation layers of skin, penetrating it by delivering energy from ultrasound into the inner skin's structural muscles and fibroblast to increase elasticity of the skin. It reaches the deep dermal and sub-dermal of the skin, boosts collagen production and new cell turnover. This treatment with high focused ultra-sound energy is recommended to only one treatment per year and it can be one more treatment as client requirement after 6 month, as per individual body response and demand differently in general treat of healing process and the age group.

producer is , causing micro injury in the 3 layers of the skin - dermis, hypodermis and muscle mas without any surgery or needles creating a healing process in the treated area, hence there is an increase in collagen which ultimately gives a tightening effect due to rejuvenation of the skin tissues. 


HIFU can treat areas such as:


· Tightening and lifting the jaw

· Mid-face contouring

· Reducing the nose to mouth line (labionasal folds)

· Increasing firmness of the neck and jaw 

. body Lift and fat reduction

-Eye area and forehead rejuvenation with special head

HIFU Treatment Advice

Before your treatment:

* Avoid skin exposure to UV (sun or tanning beds) or self- tan before treatments.

* Avoid alcohol or smoking the night before and on the day of the treatment.

* Avoid the use of topical products containing glycolic acid or salicylic acid.

* Do not wear any make- up, lotions, or creams on the treatment area on the day of treatment.

* Do not undergo any skin peel, RF, or laser procedures for 4 weeks prior to the treatment.

* Do not use bleaching creams or perfumed products for 48 hours before treatment.

* Do not exercise before your treatment.

* Avoid exfoliating or microdermabrasion for at least one week before treatment.

* Keep the intended treatment area clean and dry.

* Hydrate the body and skin by drinking plenty of water.

* Clients with particularly low pain threshold/high sensitivity may wish to take mild pain control such as ibuprofen one prior to treatment and inform their therapist. 

In order for your treatment to be successful and effective, and to avoid any adverse effects, it is important to follow all the pre- and post- treatment advice as indicated on this sheet.

After your treatment:

* A cold compress may be applied to the treatment area if it feels hot or uncomfortable.

* Apply Aloe Vera gel to relieve any sensation of sunburn or itching. 

* Avoid restrictive clothing over the treatment area.

* Avoid use of creams containing salicylic or glycolic acid.

* Avoid shaving or using deodorant or perfumes in the treatment area for 24 hours.

* Avoid swimming, saunas, hot baths or hot showers for 24 hours.

* Avoid aerobic exercise for 24 hours.

* Avoid sun exposure- use a strong sun block (SPF 30+) if sun exposure is unavoidable.

* Avoid excessive scrubbing or exfoliation of the skin for 1 week. 

* Do not use self- tanning products for 1 week.

* Avoid high fat and high sugar foods and excess calorie intake.

* Hydrate well with at least 2 litters of water per day to encourage the best possible results.

* Do not undergo any laser treatments, chemical peels, waxing or microdermabrasion for 3-4 weeks after treatment.


Your therapist will check with you that you have followed the treatment advice above. It is important to notify your therapist of any advice that you have not followed, as this may increase your risk of an adverse reaction and make you unsuitable for treatment. you must also notify your therapist of any changes to your health or any medication that you are taking.


If you have any serious concerns following your treatment, either contact your therapist or clinic, or call 111 to seek professional medical advice. 

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