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PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma

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Face area        £480 Course of 3 £1350

Face and Neck £590 Course of 3 £1650


PRP which stands for Platelets Rich Plasma ,  improves the skin texture and gives the skin a glow by improving skin quality. It is best when combined with micro needling. PRP is being also used for hair rejuvenation, acne scars and wrinkles.

 what is a platelet-rich plasma?

A plasma that has more platelets than peripheral blood and that allows it to be used as a regenerative treatment par excellence. Treatment with platelet-rich plasma consists of the intradermal application of growth factors contained in platelets. These platelets are obtained from the centrifugation of a sample of the patient's own blood.

"Because of its properties, PRP is mainly indicated as a regenerator of facial photo aging, skin elasticity ,loss of skin quality, cellulite, hair revitalize  and alopecia.

When used by micro injections, in areas that suffer from more elasticity  it stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and epidermal tissue, which translates into a young, smooth and better quality skin."

Platelets that flow in the blood are replete with growth factors. These have the ability to accelerate the repair of collagens, such as skin; therefore, the application of high concentrations of platelets generates processes of cellular repair and restoration.

It is usually used as a preventative and regenerative treatment, and its use is recommended when signs of skin aging begin to appear. And, for better results, it is even possible to perform combinations with other methods such as mesotherapy, photo rejuvenation, peelings, radio frequency, facial fillers or fillers with Hyaluronic acid.

"PRP is currently the most widely used procedure in the world for the regenerative treatment of joint and tendon injuries.

Initially you will have a consultation to determine the indications you have for treatment, your  medical history and also to explain the treatment in fully and answer all your questions . We will also take photographs of you as a record of your appearance before starting treatment.

For your actual treatment appointment you should allow around 90 minutes in total. Initially we will apply a local anesthetic cream over the face and any other treatment areas. We will then take a small blood sample, usually from your arm. This is exactly the same procedure as you would have done at your GP surgery if you need a blood test. This sample is then put into a machine called a centrifuge which spins the blood very quickly for 10 minutes, separating it into its component parts.


We will leave the local anaesthetic cream on your face for 30 to 40 minutes, before treatment and  we use nano needle for injection is the procedure does involve multiple injections, you will be in no pain due to numbing cream.

Rich Plasma The PRP ,separated from red blood cell by centrifuge,  will be injected using extremely fine needles into the areas we have identified during our consultation. We will finish by cleaning the face. Our recommendation would be to combine this treatment with 3D Derma force Radiofrequency microneedle at the same time, This allows PRP penetrated deeper into the skin, maximising the results.

Areas that can be treated

  1. Fine lines & creases on the forehead

  2. Hair loss

  3. Creepiness of the upper eyelid

  4. Dark circles & creepy skin under the eye

  5. Smile lines & open pores

  6. Nasolabial folds

  7. Poor skin texture

  8. Back of the hands

  9. Necklace lines & turkey neck

  10. Creepiness of the decolletage

  • One of the real strengths of PRP is for rejuvenation of the under-eye area. This is a notoriously difficult area to treat and there are very few effective treatments available. PRP can improve the skin quality and decrease dark circles in this area.

  • You can inject PRP into any areas where you would inject a dermal filler. It won’t have the same effect as a filler, as the two treatments work in different ways. However it will stimulate collagen production in this area which will plump and volumize this area with time.

  • Open pores bother many people and are again a very difficult problem to treat. PRP helps to tighten these stubborn pores as well as improving the overall skin quality.

  • With age many people notice the texture of the skin on their chin changes and looks quite coarse, which can be greatly improved with PRP.

  • Hair loss is a very exciting area for treatment with PRP. Provided the hair follicles are intact PRP can stimulate new hair growth. This is particularly noticeable with treatment around the eye areas, where patients report increased lash growth. It can also be injected directly into the eyebrow and into the scalp to treat hair loss in these areas.

  • PRP can be used to firm a turkey neck, and can be injected into the lines that run horizontally around our neck (necklace lines), for which there are very few other treatment options.

  • The backs of the hands and décolletage can be plumped and the skin quality improved with PRP.

  • There is increasing evidence for PRP as a treatment for stretch marks, with patients reporting decreased size of their stretch marks.

  • PRP can be injected into any scars and will improve appearance by stimulating collagen production.

In order to maximize the results, treatments should be repeated three times for four weeks apart and the results will be seen after a few weeks to six months.

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