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Hair revitalize mesotherapy

                     & PRP

Mesotherapy with needle free smart meso machine with the best product recommended 8 treatment once a week and one treatment every 4 month 

Miso therapy for Hair

PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma hair Revitalize

 what is a platelet-rich plasma?

A plasma that has more platelets than peripheral blood and that allows it to be used as a regenerative treatment par excellence. Treatment with platelet-rich plasma consists of the intradermal application of growth factors contained in platelets. These platelets are obtained from the centrifugation of a sample of the patient's own blood.

"Because of its properties, PRP is mainly indicated as a regenerator


processes of cellular repair and restoration.

Initially you will have a consultation to determine the indications you have for treatment, checking your medical history and also to explain the treatment in full and answer to all your questions . We will also take photographs of you as a record of your appearance before starting treatment. We will then take a small blood sample 9ml, usually from your arm. This is exactly the same procedure as you would have done at your GP surgery if you need a blood test. This sample is then put into a machine called a centrifuge which spins the blood very quickly for 10 minutes, separating the red blood cell from plasma.

Platelet Rich Plasma The PRP ,separated from red blood cell by centrifuge,  will be injected using extremely fine needles into the areas we have identified during our consultation.

Recommended course of 3 one month apart for the best result

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PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma

              Hair Restoration - Eyebrow           Restoration

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before and after hair transplant
before and after hair transplant
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