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%20 Off the NAD+ Dripthis amazing drip will support your journey towards younger looking, healthier skin and general well being

Botox injection

 Botox Muscle relaxing injection

Smooth the frown and crow's feet lines

 applies only to 3 areas and over

WAS £390  NOW £330

Acne treatments

Laser Skin Resurfacing and Acne treatment 6 session £684 You Save £456

Lip augmentation

Half a  ml Lip Filler Juvederm Smile 

                WAS £350 NOW £270

         Our Summer Promotion  2020


Dr Obagi red carpet Peel £80 Plus MD £120

3 sessions £220 was £240

3 session   £320 was £360  Plus M.D

HIFU face lift

%20 Off the Full Face HIFU Treatment

web cryopen.jpg

20% Off Skin tags and pigmentation  removal by Cryo-pen 

Free Consultation

20% off the first session


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