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How to treat Acne

Excess oil in our skin that produce by sebum glance that close to out Hair follicles cause clogged by oil and dead skin cells and create infection in a form of acne. Sometimes it can be related to Hormonal changes, Certain medications. bad Diet or Stress.

In general keeping our skin clean wash with ZO exfoliate wash and exfoliate 3 times a week with Zo skin health Exfoliate polish to remove dead skin and use ZO oil control pad every day to take away excess oil from our skin is a first step. There is a Acne control ZO product that you can use daily plus Complexion clearing masque ( Sulphur Masque) that you can use it once week and gradually reduce it to one a month, after your skin is clear.

In addition we offer laser acne treatment that it is really effective to disinfect and reduce the sebum oil production, recommended course of 6 session 4 weeks apart.

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