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 Latest Regulatory Announcement for Topical Numbing Cream Use :


According to the latest regulations of the Council`s Standard Conditions for Licensed Special Treatment for the use of anaesthetic products on client's skin prior their treatments, our Clinic can no longer provide and apply the local topical anaesthetic.

Therefore, unfortunately, all of our clients who choose any of the procedures that involve the use of a topical local anaesthetic are advice to purchase this product themselves from a registered U.K  pharmacy. The product is required to be licensed for use in the UK by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

EMLA Cream is the local anaesthetic we recommend for numbing the surface of the skin for a short time.  The condition for using the topical local anaesthetic is that the client has no allergy to Lidocaine or any other ingredient of this product. and the topical local anaesthetic should be applied to the skin by the clients themselves.





First sign of aging
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Whats New?

Allergan launches Juvéderm VOLUX - the latest evolution in facial filler treatments for those seeking a more defined chin and jawline

Allergan's latest hyaluronic acid injectable gel uses the patented VYCROSS® technology and is specifically formulated to restore and create volume(1)

Juvéderm® VOLUX allows practitioners to sculpt the chin and jaw area,(2) giving facial definition that can last for up to 18–24 months

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juvedrm 9 point injection

Dermal fillers:

Facial fillers, also known as dermal fillers, use a natural Hyaluronic acid gel with cross link to smooth out wrinkles, folds or scars to give your face a younger, refreshed, more plumped and smoother appearance. Fillers smooth moderate to severe facial wrinkles, reverses the lost volume of the face, of the line from nose to the lip  or laugh  line around the lip,  nasolabial folds and is used for plumping Lip to volume your lip, cheeks or define the jawline.

As you get older collagen breaks down in your face and it can become flat and saggy. Fillers simply replace the collagen you lose through ageing by raising flatter areas and restoring your youthful look. They can also be used to enhance your existing facial features.

Once the treatment is gently injected into the target area it will pull in water to hydrate your skin. It also has antioxidant qualities providing instantly smoother skin it can be use in combination with any intelligent cosmetic creams like Dr. Obagi skin care

Results last between 6-12 and 18 months depending on cross link of the products.  We can sculpt your face so that no one will guess you have had a filler treatment but you will feel more refreshed, confident and glamorous. Common side effect, occasionally can be bruising, inflammation and pain that will be recover within two weeks. It is essential that you inform your practitioner of all your medical history and any drugs that you are using regularly or occasionally to prevent any contraindications. It would be better if you do not drink alcohol or eat garlic, fish oil, anti inflammatory painkiller or anything to thinning the blood to prevent any bruising.

If you taking any anti-coagulant medication (blood thinner), you will need to stop taking it at least 3 days before with your doctor advise.

cheek and chin filler, lip flip and filler, lip enhancement London

Not to do List After injection:

  • do not apply make- up for 12 hours

  • do not have a sun exposure or sunbed for two weeks

  • do not go to sauna  or steam room following the injection for 2 weeks.

  • do

  • not massaging the implantation area or putting pressure on it for a few days after treatment

cheek and chin filler, lip enhancement London, lip flip and filler

​    PRICES & ARE:

  • Half Ml Dermal filler for lip             £350

  • 1 Ml Dermal filler for lip                  £390

  • 1 Ml cheek & chin Dermal filler        £390  

  • 2 Ml cheek & chin Dermal filler        £690

  • 3 Ml Jawline Define                            £950

  • Nose Correction dermal filler, from       £490

  • Dissolving AH Filler From                        £290

Juvedrem Voluma Dermal filler to Cheeks
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Juvederm Volift lip filler
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B&A Lip Filler
Iml Juvederm  Volift Lip Filler
1ml Lip filler Juvederm Smile


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